F. Chervy Coal Delivery

                          Paul Chervy, owner.

Plymouth, Pa.  18651

We sell  PREMIUM Hazleton area mined Anthracite!

Our product has one of the lowest ash contents (between 6 to 10%) and one of the highest BTU ratings (between 13,000 and 13,700) of any anthracite produced in the region!

.Our deliveries are weighed on State certified digital scale

Sizes available: Barley, Rice, Buckwheat, Pea, Chestnut and Stove

To schedule delivery or for questions

Someone is available for information between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M, Monday through Friday

 Phone: 570-779-3727 or 570-779-3094

E-mail paulchervy@fchervycoaldelivery.com

Hours  8:00 A.M.  to 5:00P.M.,  Monday through Friday


Chervy Automotive Service Center




Webmaster  steewill@gmail.com